The Changeaway Bride by Christina (Sweden)
A young crossdresser's dream of being a bride comes true.
One Man's Fantasy by Anonymous
A man's fantasy of being a groom to a transgendered bride.
The Wedding Store by Cindy Evans
How a young man is turned into a beautiful model bride for a fashion show.
Fair Exchange by Kate Assheton
A story of how Gary became the bride at his wedding to Emma.
Perfect Wedding by Hot Stacy
A fortnight before his wedding,the prospective groom is discovered dressed by his future father in law. However nothing happens until minutes before the wedding ceremony and the bride gets a surprise
My Wedding Dress by Nancee Husband.
Putting it on is definitely the ultimate in femininity!
Happy Anniversary by Lisa Elizabeth
A couple decide to renew their wedding vows, but there is a surprise for the bride
Genesis by Dianna Reid
Like every bride, a new life and beginning awaits this bridal boy.
A children's game by Kate Assheton
In a children's game, Mark's destiny is to become a bridesmaid.
Something Borrowed by Kim Babe
A boy breaks into a house and wears the mothers bridal gown, and by tradition, he becomes the next bride, despite his protests.
My Big Day by Tiffany Anne Easton
A young author for a TG Story site finds that his inner desires become real
My Wedding Day by Heather Alexander
The story begins with a bride nervously getting ready on her big day, except the bride is not female.
Bridesmaid for a Friend by Thomas Robinson
The friend wants him to be one of her bridesmaids. The author states its a true story.
My Cheri Amour by Teri Franken
A Crossdresser seeks to acquire a bridal gown that was advertised in a newspaper advertisment. He gets more than just a wedding dress.
The Dress by Noreen Wilson Story With Images
A delightful piece of fiction about a crossdresser trying the entire bridal experience in a boutique. Even includes realistic interaction with other real brides.
Wedding Daze by Jennifer White
A story about a bridegroom who hours before getting married has a 'final fling' with the chief bridesmaid, only to find that she's a witch who casts a transformation spell on him.
Wedding Bliss by Terry Williams
On the eve of the big day, a tv outs himself to his bride to be, only to find that after the ceremony, he gets to wear his brides dress.
Wedding Bells by Danielle Gee
A couple realising that they can afford a proper wedding, start planning, with him as the bride
Bobbie's Wedding – Getting Ready by Jamie B
A Pre-op bride is prepared for hig beig day by her mother and former girlfriend.
Rasha by Jean M. Chambers
A college student wishes he could wear his Indian girlfriend's Saree and gets more than he bargained for.